It’s not social media
it’s Social Intelligence™

Icarus Lived is a belief network that allows users to interact with the online world according to their values and ideas. Icarus gives users a new way to identify who shares their beliefs and collaborate with those who are aligned with them.

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To help people make more sense,
individually and together!

Unlike social networking sites that are repositories of unorganized opinions, Icarus Lived is an intelligent platform, designed to improve the way we form decisions by separating sense from nonsense. Icarus Lived requires that conclusions are based on facts, specific principles, and the user’s underlying values. This hierarchy mimics our natural thought process while allowing full transparency.

With Icarus, you can further your own understanding of topics and trace the reasoning behind specific beliefs. Share your thinking with the world and gain support as other minds expand upon your ideas. Understand why your friends believe what they do, and in the course of understanding, gain greater awareness of your own thought process. Join Icarus Lived and expand your digital mind today.

Belief, Consensus & Change

With Icarus Lived, users can easily find content that aligns with their beliefs, connect with others that share common values and take action on issues they are passionate about. Icarus creates deep connections to users and what matters most in their world.

Become a user

Read content aligned with your personal values and beliefs, build a consensus and take action to start a change.

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Become an editor

With the Icarus editor tool, you can show your logic and select reasons for your idea that a lot of users already believe.

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Find people with similar beliefs and values

By searching for interesting subjects and beliefs, you gain exposure to a network of minds who think like you do, while identifying those that think poorly.

Connect with any interesting mind to further your own understanding and broaden your subject matter expertise.

Store your beliefs

Beliefs drive life choices. But there are no social media platforms built to help people keep track of their ideas, principles and values in an organized manner.

The Icarus platform was built from the ground up to store a user's thoughts. Unlike "thin" platforms that serve social content, Icarus filters content based on beliefs that a user has confirmed, providing a more intelligent online experience.

Take an Action

Our world is fragmented and people feel they cannot make a difference. But most people see the need for change. They believe it's needed but are powerless to effect it.

With Icarus Lived, users create an intelligent consensus by seeing where their reasons and thoughts overlap. Consensus is the basis for Social Intelligence™.

Social Intelligence™ creates change.

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Be the first to try Icarus Lived! Get early access to the platform only available to our early subscribers.

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