Owner of Goodpoint


Mission Statement:

To help people make more sense, individually and together


The Goodpoint team is comprised of approximately 20 full-time and contract artists, engineers, scientists, writers, and researchers with backgrounds in software, finance, and the humanities. 

Based in New York, New York, Goodpoint is owned by Icarus Lived Inc., a privately funded U.S. corporation. Goodpoint is a non-partisan, neutral platform designed for a mass-market audience to have more intelligent, online interactions.

You can view of few of the team members' bios by visiting Goodpoint's AngelList profile or LinkedIn page

Goodpoint is a tool to help you communicate ideas more persuasively, to many people. It’s based on four years of academic research in the fields of cognitive science, philosophy, linguistics, and social psychology. On other platforms, content is presented in a long column of paragraphs, leaving the reader to sort out the logic. But on Goodpoint, writers organize content in easy-to-read outlines, placing reasons precisely where they belong. The result is a marketplace for intelligence. Use Goodpoint to present views that are too important to be unfairly attacked or misunderstood, and to explain yourself with a precision that has not been possible before. On Goodpoint, your posts have the conversation for you.